Wednesday, July 30, 2008

July 30th

Hi, I've pretty much spent the whole day messing around on this new computer and with my camera. I found a site that did what I always said I needed some one to do. Just to go step by step though the controls and in plain English show me what to change, set etc. !! I had so many things not set right that I now have hope for great SOOCS (straight out of camera shots). Before the pictures were always "washed out" (overexposed) on the Auto settings and apparently that is a common problem with Nikons, and I always had to tweak them in their photo program before I would want anyone to see them. Now, hopefully they will start out great. I haven't loaded my Photoshop Elements 6 yet but maybe later this afternoon I'll do that. I thought I might post a few more of the BearLake photos. Like I said I didn't take many but I wanted to post the one of Eric and I couldn't find it yesterday when I was posting.

Susie went for an Ultrasound this morning and will see her Dr. next Wednesday. Here last CT scan showed some possible fluid in her abd. so they are checking it out. It is so scary for all of us.

Today was Marvins quit date for smoking (he started taking Chantix a week ago). I think he is doing pretty good, however, he did buy cigarettes when he went to the store this morning and his pack is still sitting out by the back door (ie he didn't toss everything to avoid temptation) BUT I have not seen him smoke today and I have been here all day. So keep him in your prayers, I know he will feel so much better once his lungs recover some,--his coughing episodes can get pretty darn hairy at times.
I'm making chicken and noodles for dinner per Marvin's request. I had better get busy and do something around the house. Love you all.

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Let me know about Susie......

also, great pictures.......