Monday, July 07, 2008

Monica's Birthday

Monica came over today and we went shopping for a birthday present for her. We went to Kohls unfortunately, they no longer carry sterling silver charms for her bracelet but I was thinking about getting her a new pair of sunglasses for our reunion trip. We ended up finding a pair of capris and the sunglasses and a hat. (all on sale or clearance--SCORE!)

For dinner, I had looked around at The Pioneer Woman site and found some new recipes to try. (A couple of months ago she had a contest and to enter you gave a favorite recipe) She got over 5000 entries! I chose a recipe for Lettuce Wraps (my daughter Danelle makes them frequently and her family loves them), A recipe for crab puffs (rangoons), Fried rice and then "Smores on a Stick for dessert. It required a lot of chopping but Monica and Morgan helped and the meal was delicious, Allen even had Monica type up the crab puff recipe for him. I also made a Seseme Ginger dipping sauce, and a peanut butter dipping sauce. We all liked the Seseme Ginger sauce the best.

Brian looked very handsome tonight!

Monica's boys have been playing with the soft swords/boppers (see "refocus" 2 post ago) all night so I think it will be a good craft for the boys at the reunion. Holly, I will put the money in your account if you want to go ahead and try to find enough pool noodles at the dollar store up there. I think 20 would be enough (2 swords per noodle). I was thinking if they have a lot of 2 different colors then the teams could be made up by the color of their sword, blues against reds? other wise we could tie head bands or arm bands of different colors to make up the teams. If you look now, if you have trouble finding them, I will have time to get them here. Monica's boys are spending the night tonight and they are still chopping each others legs and arms off!!


sparkle brightly said...

I love the picture of Monica! Sounds like you guys had a fun party and delicious food. Can you post the recipes on your blog? I would love to try something new.

I miss my brothers! Did you by chance get a picture of them? Especially since Brian looked good last night.

love you tons! Keep up the good work on your blog! This is not pressure, you know it is fun to keep it up and read your kids blogs everyday too.

Trista said...

Oh my goodness the swords sound like a lot of fun! I'm sure the boys will love 'em! I'm so stoked for the reunion! :D I'm pretty sure its been forever since I've seen ya'll!...Can't wait, see you soon! :D -Trista