Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Here is a picture of my sweet Charity!

And one of Gracie

And a couple of silly kids who I love!

I just reread my last post and saw the date!! It's been almost a month since I blogged!! I am on the computer almost everyday and I think about blogging but I just haven't felt inspired enough to write anything creative, and while I originally thought I would journal here (and we all know how therapeutic journalling can be--letting your frustrations and disappointments flow out and dissipate) but I realize that this blog is more about keeping connected to my far flung family and friends and is not a creative writing showcase or journal therapy session so I guess I will just write alittle about what's going on in my life. The Family Reunion at Bear Lake is just around the corner and I am getting excited to see everyone. Danelle and I have been trying to come up with a good craft that would be appealing and inexpensive for the boys at the reunion. (the girls will be decorating flip-flops and making bracelets) I have bought the stuff to try out a soft foam sword for some medieval fighting but the center of the pool noodle looks awfully small for the PVC pipe to fit into for the handle. Well, I thought this is silly to still be wondering if it will fit when I have all the material right here so I checked and even though it looks small it does fit. So I will make one up and try it out. I also took a break and went to Bath and Body works to get some aroma therapy!! I have been mourning not being able to see and smell the lilacs this spring. I used to have a lilac candle but alas no more. I didn't know if they had any lilac scents but I just thought I would get something. I was so thrilled when I saw that they carried a lilac room scent!! They were also having their semi-annual sale so I picked up a few other scents also. Coconut Lime Verbana (one of my favorites), Cucumber Melon, Allspice-Nutmeg (for this fall), and a Cinnamon Clove (for Christmas time) on clearance for $3.00 each. I remember my sister-in-law telling me once that when she cleaned--she burned a scented candle and that it helped her focus on completing her task. I also find that music helps me clean so I bought myself a CD today (I spoiled myself today) I have read/heard several people rave about the soundtrack from "Wicked" so I bought that to try. Hold on----I put it in to play right now so I will hear it for the first time with you. I do have the book on which the Musical is based and I started it a year or so ago but then it got put down and I haven't ever finished it yet. (it did have some sexually charged parts as I remember which kind of turned me off to reading it) I have only heard good things about the play though. Wow here I sit, visiting with people I love, surrounded by the scent of lilac and listening to Broadway music!! I grew up with a huge lilac tree/bush in my front yard and I can't say how many hours I played under its fragrant branches. The shady area under it didn't grow grass so it was our "sandbox" so to speak (even though it was only dirt) I remember creating streets and towns for our cars, and digging with my brother's "steam shovel" that he recieved one Christmas. So far the music is good but I'm sure I will need to see the Musical so that not only will the music be fun it will bring with it a remembrence of a wonderful night out and experience. Well, I'm going to go and make one of the soft swords, I'll post a picture as soon as I get it done.


sparkle brightly said...

Ok, so the book Wicked is not about the musical. It is not a good book! You can read what I wrote about it on my goodreads account. I also tried listening to the sound track of the Musical Wicked, and I couldn't get into it. It is just the kind of music that is only good if you have the show to watch with it. If I ever get the chance to see the Musical, I won't turn it down! It is supposed to be fantastic. Glad you spoiled yourself today. Love your blog.

Amazed said...

Hey, cousin! I'm excited about the reunion as well!!!! It's almost here!

I feel the same way about lilacs as well although we didn't have one when I was young...just older. Then glorious ones!!!! I used to get a favorite lilac candle that I was bummed to learn was discontinued as well. What's up with that???

Thanks, Sparkle Brightly, for the book review. I get sooo offended by ickies in books, I prefer to be warned.