Monday, July 07, 2008

Monday again!

Good morning, I just read one of my daughter's (Monica's) first blog on her new blogsite and of course it brought guilt upon my head, because again it has been a week since I blogged! I reread my last blog and what a jumble of unrelated stuff! I guess I could have at least made paragraphs!!
I have today and tomorrow off Yeah!! I have so much I should do in this house, but like always, I probably will only barely touch the surface. Instead I'm sure shopping and computer grazing will win out over housecleaning. Today is Monica's birthday so I need to plan dinner and maybe an activity to do with/for her today. We could go over to Susie's swanky apartment and use their beautiful pool/BBQ area but Susie doesn't get off work until 6:30 pm so that is pretty late.
I have been pondering on which book I will read on the drive up to the reunion. (One of my favorite parts of a trip is letting Marvin drive and getting to read the entire trip!!) I started the trilogy "Kristin Lavransdatter" (which I had read and enjoyed about 25 years ago) but when I got to the night when the young teenage Kristin makes the emotionally immature choice of her future path by binding herself to the handsome morally weak rogue instead of accepting the more honorable and suitable man chosen by her father for her, I had to close the book!! Having read the book before I am acutely aware of the path of heartache she was binding herself to with this choice, and it made me so upset I had to walk away instead of taking the journey with her again. I'm sure I will pick it up again because while I really don't remember many details of this Nobel Prize winning novel, I do remember fondly the feeling of enchantment, of being transported to another time and place--but I'll have to prepare myself first. Oh how we need to pray about the major decisions in our lives, we need the Lord's knowledge and foresight! Our earthly selfish desires and limited vision can so easily take us onto paths that lead to heartache. (and even then, how many times do we continue down the path because we subbornly persist in doing what WE want and so set aside and refuse to listen to (or even refuse to seek) the Lord's counsel!!
I have also discovered that this is a different translation from the one that I read before. I can remember being so immersed in the "old English" language pattern, and the thee, thou, thy pronouns etc. I found it difficult not to speak like that when I stopped reading. This translator wanted to modernize the language which she felt was too flowery and to be more true (in her opinion)to Sigrid Undset's style of writing. I would have to have both translations available and also the original Norwegian text (and be able to read and understand all of them) to say whether that was true. Oh well! So I am thinking that my book choice will be "The Poisonwood Bible" which I have started once but haven't read yet and at 500+ pages is long enough to get immered in and to transport but much less than the 1100+ pages of Kristin Lavarnsdatter.
I have got to get busy so bye for now!!

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