Sunday, July 13, 2008

I Got Music!

I have spent the entire evening listening to playlists on random blogs and then figuring out how to put a playlist on to my blog. I hope you like the music, I'll try to remember to go in and rearrange it once in a while so you don't always have to hear the first song over and over. I laid around all day and now it's after midnight and I have church in the morning and work tomorrow night, so I'd better put myself to bed.

I'll see you all soon (except for you sweet Aimee. Did you get your blog started? I haven't gotten any notice yet.)

Denver, I checked out your beautiful daughter's wedding pics. It all looked perfect and I loved the colors and flowers she used.


Amazed said...

I love your play list! Good job. See you Friday! Do you need to stay here on Thursday?

Trista said...

Wait... are you talking about Uncle Denver?! He has a blog?! Where are the pics?! I want to see them! I just figured out the playlist-ness finally!