Saturday, May 31, 2008

a couple of pictures of the Bride!

Howdy family, Here I am after a few days of debriefing and then 3 days of work. I finally just got to talk to Susie! She and Micah had a relaxing time in California. Mostly hanging out at their motel (no surprise there)! She and Micah hosted a BBQ at their new apartment last pm but I had to work so couldn't go. As it turned out the pool was closed because the management found out that they didn't have the right permits and OKs yet for the pool. (It is a brand new apartment complex and Susie and Micah are some of the very first to brave all the continued construction and move in. It is an upscale apartment complex and the common cool stuff is all done but only 2 of the many apartment buildings are completed. It is kind of like having the pool, weight room, media room, etc all to theirselves!

I am posting a couple of the pictures from the wedding photographer's blog site so be sure and visit ( When she gets the rest done, they will be posted under the "client" section on her web site and then we can sign in and see more. Through some of Kadie's (the photographer) connections Micah and Susie were chosen to be models at a Photographer workshop event. They will recieve copies of all the photos from the photo shoot in which 10 or so photographers participate. They will also get hair and makeup session and the tux rental as well. Susie doesn't have many details yet but it will be in a couple of weeks in Tucson. On Kadie's blog (I think it is the first blog in the January 2008 archive) she shows pics she took at a similar event.

I came across my grandmother's first book of memoirs "Across the Years" by Annie Theresa B. Throckmorton. I thought that I would start entering it into the computer and then post it. I can see that even typing 30 mins a day it will take a long long time to get it entered. I think I will start a new blog just for it.

I am still excited about getting to read more, but I have got to get all the wedding stuff put away somewhere and get this house cleaned up!! I was so excited pre wedding to be able to start working on it immediately but in reality, I needed a few days to recover but then I had to go back to work so nothing got done. I finally have the tablecloths in the washer right now.

Marvin is bugging me to make him a grilled tuna and cheese sandwich. so I guess I'll close for now. Love you all and remember "Love conquers all!"

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Kadie posted some pics on her blog!

I checked Kadie Pangburn's (the photographer)blog again and she has posted a few pictures on her blog. So if you want to see some pics of Susie and Micah check it out at and clic on her blog tab.

I've got to go to work, so see ya later.

A perfect day for Susie

Saturday turned into such a beautiful and perfect day for Susie's wedding. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures and am waiting for the photographer to post pics. I forgot my camera and so Brian went home and got it but then it was up at the top of the hill and all the pictures were being taken at the bottom!!. In any case Micah's cousins Joe and Kadie were taking beautiful pictures, I can't wait to see them. Susanna was so beautiful!! She could have been a bride in a Vogue layout!! (Micah is handsome as well). I marveled that little ole me could have produced such beauty as Susie!! The bridesmaids dresses--once everyone was in them and they were together as a group--looked great. (Much better than when we were fitting them individually---at which time I had reservations about how they were going to look!) Marvin pulled it together enough to attend the wedding ceremony and walk her up the "aisle" but seriously I thought he would faint several times while we were there. He chose to go home right after the wedding and didn't go to the reception but I think we all knew that would happen. I had warned the grooms side already. Susanna's coworkers and sister Aimee and brother-in-law Del set up the reception room while everyone else was out at the wedding site for pictures and they created an amazingly beautiful room!! I know this post is premature because I don't have pictures to post but I will let you all know as soon as Kadie posts any pictures on her site. ( Susie and Micah have gone to California for their honeymoon. They are staying in Laguna Beach and are going to go to Disneyland. I expect them home tomorrow. I go back to work tonight so have had several days to debrief and recover. Holly is still staying with us until next Tuesday. Danelle and family stayed only Friday and Saturday and drove home on Sunday. Aimee flew in on Friday and went home on Monday. Scott was the only one not able to come. The weekend flew by and I really didn't get to visit much. Well I need to go for now but will check back again soon. Marilyn, I think your biggest Loser contest is great. I hope to get it together with my own family, Love you all. Deanna

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ill be back!! next week

Hi just a note to tell you the I am and have been in the throes of wedding details and sewing and will be back and posting next week after the wedding. We're getting there but still so many details and so little time!! Deanna

Friday, May 09, 2008

Peace Like a River

In the midst of all I need to do I have of course done something that absolutely didn't need to be done. I read a book!! I read it in little chunks and pieces. In the "reading room". I would stretch out reading as long as I could--until my legs, feet and behind started to tingle and go numb)a chapter here and one there. I sat and read it this morning instead of going straight to bed after work and managed to finish it. I hope anyone who reads this does not skip ahead to read the end because even as predictable as some things turn out, if you stay with the characters and share in the journey the impact of the ending will be moving. I did have to suspend some reality in reading this book. Mostly that an eight year old would be as precocious as Swede. But I just kept telling myself that some children are literary geniuses (but in western novels and history)?? This book did keep me wanting to come back to it. I thought about it at odd times and reflected on the tragedy of it all,and what the consequences should be, what would serve justice. etc. In the end, I was moved to tears and loved the description of the "other country". So I would recommend reading it and I do have two copies to loan if you want. By the way the picture at the top is not a reflection on the book, but I just wanted to post a picture of it and decided that it would be fitting to place it upon the throne it was read on.

I did get one bride's maid dress sewn up and the fact that once I got started it didn't take all that long has brought me a welcomed lessening of the dread I faced at the task. I really can see that I can get the next two done in my two days off.

Holly is coming!! toothless schoolgirl Charity is coming!! Big beautiful eyed Grace is coming!! and little Jonathan Robert (Jon-Bob to grandpa) is coming!! I can't wait to see them and to have another pair of hands to help.

Susie finished school this week and has been so stressed she couldn't concentrate and study so she thinks she did very poorly on her last test in A&P. She really was striving for all A's but with all the pressure she is under I hope she knows that one bombed test and a B is still acceptable.

The weather is still holding "warm" (anything under 100 degrees is "warm" here in Phoenix and Susie is wishin' and hopin' and prayin' that it stays this way for her wedding day. (Ceremony is outside).

Well too-da-loo I must run. Love and Kisses to all.

Friday, May 02, 2008

I can't believe it is Friday already. I have such respect for those bloggers who blog everyday! I want to be like that but somehow it hasn't happened yet. I am off until nest Tuesday so am determined to get all the dresses done by then but still---I only managed to work on them for appx. 15 mins yesterday!! Then I thought I would stay up and sew all night while I wouldn't be interrupted by Marvin, TV, shopping, phone etc. but then of course I was tired and fell asleep on the couch with the thought that I would just take a nap and then get up and get at it but you know I slept all night and here it is almost 9am and I still haven't started sewing yet. I oriented again on Wednesday and drove out again yesterday afternoon to see the admission process of a pt on a ventilator. Which when they called interrupted my beginning to sew. I spent a couple of hours there and then I went to a Joann's fabrics and spent another hour and a half trying to find a pattern and material to make for me to wear to the wedding. I did pick up the zippers that I needed and found another one and half yards of the pink taffeta. I hope we have enough now for the boleros. I had only bought enough material for the dresses because that was all they had and then I found another small piece at another Joann's and now finally this last piece last night so I hope we can get them all cut out.
Well I had better try and get started. Love you all.