Friday, May 09, 2008

Peace Like a River

In the midst of all I need to do I have of course done something that absolutely didn't need to be done. I read a book!! I read it in little chunks and pieces. In the "reading room". I would stretch out reading as long as I could--until my legs, feet and behind started to tingle and go numb)a chapter here and one there. I sat and read it this morning instead of going straight to bed after work and managed to finish it. I hope anyone who reads this does not skip ahead to read the end because even as predictable as some things turn out, if you stay with the characters and share in the journey the impact of the ending will be moving. I did have to suspend some reality in reading this book. Mostly that an eight year old would be as precocious as Swede. But I just kept telling myself that some children are literary geniuses (but in western novels and history)?? This book did keep me wanting to come back to it. I thought about it at odd times and reflected on the tragedy of it all,and what the consequences should be, what would serve justice. etc. In the end, I was moved to tears and loved the description of the "other country". So I would recommend reading it and I do have two copies to loan if you want. By the way the picture at the top is not a reflection on the book, but I just wanted to post a picture of it and decided that it would be fitting to place it upon the throne it was read on.

I did get one bride's maid dress sewn up and the fact that once I got started it didn't take all that long has brought me a welcomed lessening of the dread I faced at the task. I really can see that I can get the next two done in my two days off.

Holly is coming!! toothless schoolgirl Charity is coming!! Big beautiful eyed Grace is coming!! and little Jonathan Robert (Jon-Bob to grandpa) is coming!! I can't wait to see them and to have another pair of hands to help.

Susie finished school this week and has been so stressed she couldn't concentrate and study so she thinks she did very poorly on her last test in A&P. She really was striving for all A's but with all the pressure she is under I hope she knows that one bombed test and a B is still acceptable.

The weather is still holding "warm" (anything under 100 degrees is "warm" here in Phoenix and Susie is wishin' and hopin' and prayin' that it stays this way for her wedding day. (Ceremony is outside).

Well too-da-loo I must run. Love and Kisses to all.

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Amazed said...

The picture throne is too funny!!! Love you! Glad you got one dress done and that you can see the end of the tunnel!