Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 20th walk

I worked last night and was going to go the same park after work as I did yesterday but then decided to come home and change and go to WW. I made it as far as home and weighing in on my own scale and decided I would give it another day before going to weigh in, I need to see a loss for my motivation and as everyone knows who has tried to lose weight it is a up 2-3 lbs one day and down 2-3 another and while I understand water weight and hormones and that I need to look at the long run it still is fun to see the loss on the official stamp! Anyway instead of taking a nap I just vegged all day, dozing on the couch watching tv and late this afternoon I did put on my shoes and start to head out but decided I would just walk on the treadmill instead. And I got my new fancy-schmancy pedometer in the mail today. So I walked for 30 mins and per the pedo I took 3975 steps and walked 1.5 miles. I know I have a lot to go to reach 10000 but I don't think it will happen today but I did make it yesterday. I hope to do my core, upper body and lower body workout also but I know I'm going to crash soon plus DWTS and AI are on. LOL It's almost time to start watching, I don't start until the show is more than half over so I can skip through all the blab and commercials and catch up right at the end!! Love that DVR!

Here's a link to my new pedometer hope this works I suck at adding stuff to my blog.
Well, I'm getting frustrated, it shows in my post but won't show when I publish. Any way you can see it on Amazon.com it is a OMRON HJ 303 GoSmart Tri Axis Pedometer.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Good Morning, I didn't do too well this weekend with my walking, I missed Friday, rode my bike on Saturday with Holly but didn't take my camera and then missed Sunday too. But as soon as I got off work this morning, I went walking at 59th and Thunderbird. It was overcast and a little gray this morning as you can see from this first picture.

This reminded me of a wedding band placed in the bridal bouquet.

I walked for 30mins, per my pedometer (which worked this am and didn't fall off) I walked almost 3500 steps or 1.65 miles. Hope you all have a great day, love you all.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 15th walk

This is looking up into one of the huge pine trees, This one is so full of pine needles that it blocks out the sun, several birds flew out so they probably have nests in there.

A neigbors poppies

The view of the park from my house

In my own yard looking up and out.

Good Morning, I spent all my free time this am planning my walks, looking up parks etc. I made a list of about 23 places that aren't too far away to go walking at each day. I printed them up and cut them apart and put them in a jar to draw from. I then promptly drew the one farthest away and I don't have time for that this morning, I have to work again tonight and need to get to bed. So I ended up just going out my front door and walking in my own park. No fun wildlife, just birds but I did find 11 cents!! Anyway, here's a couple of pics of todays walk.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Daily (hopefully) Walk

Thought I would post picture from my walk today and thought it might be inspiring (to me) to post one for each day's walk. So here is a couple of pictures from my walk though Cave Creek Wash as it travels from Greenway to Bell (at abt 9th Ave). It has an improved bike/walking sidewalk so not really like hiking but got to see some wildlife. I saw 1 butterfly, 1 squirrel, 2 quail, 2 bunnies (one a baby) 1 coyote, 1 humming bird, 1 lizard, dove, sparrows and assorted other birds. I got a pic of one of the bunnies but missed the coyote (well actully tried but it didn't turn out). I think I walked about a mile and a half but I was bummed cause the pedometer I clipped on today didn't work so not sure how many steps. My expensive pedometer keeps popping off of my waistband and pops the battery out when it hits the ground so I lose whatever info was on it. So I tried this little one that came with a walking Dvd I bought last year. I think I'm going to have to buy a more expensive one that will read even in a pocket or a purse (and that comes with a secondary tether so even if it comes off your waistband, it doesn't fall) It was a nice day out today and hope that I can commit to increasing my activity and decreasing my portion sizes. I have been kind of off the wagon for the last two weeks so trying to recommit. Hope you guys have a great day.