Tuesday, April 20, 2010

April 20th walk

I worked last night and was going to go the same park after work as I did yesterday but then decided to come home and change and go to WW. I made it as far as home and weighing in on my own scale and decided I would give it another day before going to weigh in, I need to see a loss for my motivation and as everyone knows who has tried to lose weight it is a up 2-3 lbs one day and down 2-3 another and while I understand water weight and hormones and that I need to look at the long run it still is fun to see the loss on the official stamp! Anyway instead of taking a nap I just vegged all day, dozing on the couch watching tv and late this afternoon I did put on my shoes and start to head out but decided I would just walk on the treadmill instead. And I got my new fancy-schmancy pedometer in the mail today. So I walked for 30 mins and per the pedo I took 3975 steps and walked 1.5 miles. I know I have a lot to go to reach 10000 but I don't think it will happen today but I did make it yesterday. I hope to do my core, upper body and lower body workout also but I know I'm going to crash soon plus DWTS and AI are on. LOL It's almost time to start watching, I don't start until the show is more than half over so I can skip through all the blab and commercials and catch up right at the end!! Love that DVR!

Here's a link to my new pedometer hope this works I suck at adding stuff to my blog.
Well, I'm getting frustrated, it shows in my post but won't show when I publish. Any way you can see it on Amazon.com it is a OMRON HJ 303 GoSmart Tri Axis Pedometer.

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