Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Life's updates

I know that I have not posted in over 3 years, and of course some of the circumstances in my life have changed and I am trying to make changes in myself as well.  I haven't changed much since last I posted, I'm still overweight and out of shape only now I"M 60!!!!!! I can hardly say the word!  Any way, currently I am not living at home, I felt very strongly that I needed to create an opportunity for Marvin to want to stop drinking and I really wanted our lives to be better and his health to be better and the dream of dreams that we could start working towards being a forever family!! So far however, I have learned that at this point, he still chooses Beer and TV over me :(   I am living in a home very graciously and generously offered by my new son-in-law Stephen. He is letting me stay at a very reduced cost with no lease since I don't know how long I will be here and I really couldn't afford to rent another house and still pay all the bills on Marvin and I's home. Anyway here I am.  Major life event updates:  I still work at Hospice, no change there,  We had two new grandchildren since last I wrote, Holly and Jonathan has a beautiful little girl Kara Joy,  and Aimee and Dennis have a bouncing baby boy Jacob Andrew.  Both are so cute and fun.  My oldest two granddaughters have graduated from High School,  Isabelle went to BYU last year and Morgan will be going to ASU this year.  My beloved son-in-law Micah Kaplan was killed in a car accident in 2010 and our sweet daughter Susie has now remarried to the above excellent man Stephen.   Susie also graduated from nursing school and now works as a valued RN in a hospital.  Scott moved back to Phoenix and now back again to the Northwest, his wife Kim graduated with her BA in criminal justice, Brian became a cross country trucker because of the economy, he is hoping to find a job at home soon as he is DONE living in a truck,  Danelle and Vince bought a house in Sherman Texas and Danelle started working at the middle school., Monica and Del have moved to a new home, and Monica also now works at a school. Aimee and Dennis started their own AC repair business and Dennis joined the church and now he and Aimee and family are sealed in the temple!!!!!, Allen is doing OK but has struggled with employment though this downturn in the economy and currently lives in our home with us but is hoping that he can secure a better paying job soon, so he can get out on his own.  Holly and Jonathan not only added to their family but moved to Utah and are now going to move to Texas for his work.  He is doing well in his jobs and Holly is excited to be moving close to Danelle and Aimee.  I'm sure I am forgetting many major things but I think I will close for now.  I have some pictures I want to post and maybe will get to them later today.


Holly Hoopes said...

Mom!! What a wonderful surprise to see a post from you. We defiantly have had some big life changes in the past 3 years. Can't wait to see some pictures. I know you have lot of good ones.

Monica said...

Hi, it's funny you decided to post because I did too! I hope we can make those life changes we want and make them stick!