Friday, September 23, 2005

The infamous "7 things" blog

Recently I have read a number of blogs that have featured 7 things. So I thought I might make my own list. I figure I may reveal a few things about myself in the process.

7 things that scare me
* Making a mistake at work
* Being suepened in a lawsuit
* Seeing anyone standing at a ledge even if there is a rail
* Not being ready for the judgement day
* Being the cause of someone else's pain
* Being accountable for my life
* Getting Alzeimers (or any other dementias)

7 things that I like
* My family!!!
* When everything comes together to create a "perfect" family event
* Rasberries and cream
* Lilacs
* Garden benchs/gliders/rockers
* The scriptures
* Feather pillows

7 Important things in the room
* Photos of family
* Handcrafted wall art made by one of my daughters
* Wonderful wood working pieces by my dad
* A painting of Christ by my daughter
* The piano
* My scriptures
* Family history books

7 Random things about me
* I can be either invigorated by a deadline or paralized by one
* I'm glad I can support myself but would prefer to be supported
* I'm big and old but feel small and young
* I can't pass up a bargain whether I need it or not
* I can't hide my feelings because my rosey cheeks turn bright red
* I was once an A&W carhop
* I'm still married to my highschool sweetheart

7 Things I plan to do before I die
* Go on a mission
* Become fit
* Hike Squaw Peak and Zion National Park
* Take a walking tour of Ireland
* Learn to play the harp and/or violin
* Write a childrens book for each of my grandchildren
* Endure to the end

7 Things I can do
* Read and write fairly well
* Clean up body secretions, fluids, excretions without gagging
* Support myself and my family
* Sew (I'vemade bridesmaids dresses/flower girl dresses for 7 weddings)
* Play the piano adequately
* Prepare and give a talk in church and not be too nervous
* Collect piles of junk and walk by them and not even notice

7 Things I would not do
* Be a contestant on a reality show
* Be a surgical or ER nurse
* Be unfaithful
* Have cosmetic surgery or any surgery if I can help it (I've seen too many complications and infections)
* Wash new red shirts in a load of whites
* Pierce my body parts
* Get a tattoo

7 Things I say the most
* I meant to do that, but...
* I love you
* I'll talk to you later
* Don't worry, it will all work out.
* I need to get up off my behind and get busy
* Sorry about...
* "crap" (my favorite cuss word)

Monday, September 12, 2005

Techno Mama

Today I have spent most of the day downloading music on to my mp3 player, exploring sites on the computer, and shopping, buying, and trying to figure out how to use my new digital camera. I will return to this post but my computer has the hiccups and I am envisioning me recieving incalucable numbers of cookies with each hiccup so I am going to exit and check it out. Of course if it does have a serious problem, that would be a good excuse to buy a new updated one!!! See you soon --- Two days later and as soon as I opened this post my computer is doing the same hic-cup thing. So, I am going to close this post but first, another techno update. I bought a home theater system yesterday and Brian came today and set it up. I can't wait to watch a movie and have it go boom! COOL!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

What the "bleep"?

I just finished watching the DVD "What the 'Bleep' Do We (K)now!? A very thought provoking couple of hours. I was especially fascinated by the water experiments by Masaru Emoto and the pictures he took of water crystals. I also read a book last year (by an LDS author) about the particle/wave theory of light and how that can help us understand Christ as the Light of the world, and how emotions such as love can be a part of the spectrum of light. And, how we are connected to all things and can indeed be one with God and Christ. I want to reread that book and ponder again on the mysteries of the universe and of our Heavenly Father. I think of the statement of Nephi in 3rd Nephi that the ear hath not heard nor the eye seen nor can it even be written the things which they saw and heard that day when Christ visited the Nephites. This life is a time of learning. A time of gathering knowledge and subjegating the flesh and our will to the perfect plan of Our Father in Heaven. How short I fall daily in that quest. My prayers most often ask for help for Me! Me! Me! but I want to become the daughter who can say "What can I do for You today?". "How can I build Your Kingdom?" I know that I am a stronger and better person than when I started this adult life so many years ago. I do see growth, but I am now reaching an age where the time to change and be productive and of service is shortening. I need to prepare now to make a difference in this world. To be fully fitted with the armor of God and an active participant in His army---not just a whining child tugging at his cloak. When Elder Bednar was called to be an Apostle last fall I really felt that I had fallen short of my potential. He and I are approximately the same age and here he is an Apostle of God and I still feel like that whining child. Well, I am going to go write positive love notes onto my thighs and go to bed (you'll have to watch the movie to understand) Love to all!

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Favorite Music

While making my first attempt to join this century by becoming one of probably only a few grandmothers who have ventured into cyberspace blogging, I was forced to think about my favorite music by that innoculous little box on my profile site. I find it very difficult to define my tastes in music for they range from classical to Santana; haunting Celtic melodies to hillbilly twangs; and from testimony building inspirational songs to those undefinable preformers described as alternative. I suppose that if there were a CD entitled " The Mormon Tabernacle Choir featuring Enya and accompanied by Uncle Jim-Bob's Cajun Band on Temple Square, singing songs from a Green Day in the Appalachians" I would be on the waiting list to buy it!
My children, however, don't appreciate my musical tastes. If I excitedly coax them into the 'blue room' to listen to a selection that I am particularly fond of-- I get a "that's nice mom" cast over their shoulder as they escape out the door.