Friday, September 23, 2005

The infamous "7 things" blog

Recently I have read a number of blogs that have featured 7 things. So I thought I might make my own list. I figure I may reveal a few things about myself in the process.

7 things that scare me
* Making a mistake at work
* Being suepened in a lawsuit
* Seeing anyone standing at a ledge even if there is a rail
* Not being ready for the judgement day
* Being the cause of someone else's pain
* Being accountable for my life
* Getting Alzeimers (or any other dementias)

7 things that I like
* My family!!!
* When everything comes together to create a "perfect" family event
* Rasberries and cream
* Lilacs
* Garden benchs/gliders/rockers
* The scriptures
* Feather pillows

7 Important things in the room
* Photos of family
* Handcrafted wall art made by one of my daughters
* Wonderful wood working pieces by my dad
* A painting of Christ by my daughter
* The piano
* My scriptures
* Family history books

7 Random things about me
* I can be either invigorated by a deadline or paralized by one
* I'm glad I can support myself but would prefer to be supported
* I'm big and old but feel small and young
* I can't pass up a bargain whether I need it or not
* I can't hide my feelings because my rosey cheeks turn bright red
* I was once an A&W carhop
* I'm still married to my highschool sweetheart

7 Things I plan to do before I die
* Go on a mission
* Become fit
* Hike Squaw Peak and Zion National Park
* Take a walking tour of Ireland
* Learn to play the harp and/or violin
* Write a childrens book for each of my grandchildren
* Endure to the end

7 Things I can do
* Read and write fairly well
* Clean up body secretions, fluids, excretions without gagging
* Support myself and my family
* Sew (I'vemade bridesmaids dresses/flower girl dresses for 7 weddings)
* Play the piano adequately
* Prepare and give a talk in church and not be too nervous
* Collect piles of junk and walk by them and not even notice

7 Things I would not do
* Be a contestant on a reality show
* Be a surgical or ER nurse
* Be unfaithful
* Have cosmetic surgery or any surgery if I can help it (I've seen too many complications and infections)
* Wash new red shirts in a load of whites
* Pierce my body parts
* Get a tattoo

7 Things I say the most
* I meant to do that, but...
* I love you
* I'll talk to you later
* Don't worry, it will all work out.
* I need to get up off my behind and get busy
* Sorry about...
* "crap" (my favorite cuss word)


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