Wednesday, June 03, 2009

New washer and dryer

Hi,on Monday my washer decided it didn't like to spin fast anymore. I'm sure it probably could be fixed but trying to get anything fixed around here takes forever or else I have to hire some one to do it. Anyhows that's what I told myself when I started shopping on craigslist for a replacement. I spent all day hunting and calling eventually going out to see a couple but the ad that caught my eye was for a 1 year old set that had been only used for 6 months by a snow bird couple. I was hesitant because it is a brand popular in New Zealand but not well known here--Fisher and Paykel. It is an energy efficient set which works alot like the front loaders but is still a top loader. The dryer is also a top loader as well and has cool features like every four minutes it reverses itself to untangle the clothes. And because the washer spins so fast the clothes are dryer when they go into the dryer it drys faster. It is a gas dryer and I have always used electric, currently considering the cost of electricity and the fact that I am on one of those saver rates where the cost of the electric is like 5 times higher from 9am to 9pm I really started to consider switching to gas. I have gas in my laundry room but the line for the dryer is on the opposite wall so I never considered switching because I thought the cost to bring it over to the dryer would be prohibitive. But after talking to Brian and Dennis I was convinced that connecting to my existing gas waterheater line (already right next to the dryer) would be easy so I agreed to switch and I am excited about the possible savings. I have just finished my first load and I was blown away by how soft and fluffy and unwrinkled the towels came out. It said you could probably forgo fabric softener and I think I could! Anyways, before buying I tried to find reviews etc online about this brand and what I read online is that when they work, everyone loves them but that repairing them is an expensive nightmare of getting parts and qualified service people. So I don't think that I would have bought this brand if I were buying them new, but since I am getting a great deal on them I decided to go ahead and try them out. Brian and Allen came over to go and pick them up for me and install them. Thanks guys!! Now, after buying new living room, kitchen and laundry room furniture/appliances I need so much crap hauled away out of my house and back yard it is unbelievable. And most of it is big 2 person items so I can't do it on my own. The city cleaned the alley 2 weeks ago, but everybody was busy with their own lives and activities so I couldn't get any help to move the stuff out and I was working etc. so a bunch of stuff that could have gone didn't. Now it continues to pile up :(
Here's a pic of my new washer and dryer, I had never seen a toploading dryer before, it's kind cool but I'm going to miss the "counter" space on top where I piled the towels and set the laundry soap. I should have taken a picture of the insides cause that's where they look so different, but I'm washing and drying at the moment and the lids lock shut. I just went to change the laundry but the dryer lid is still locked until it cools down. I realize that a locking lid could be a potential problem if you wanted to get something out or toss one more thing in. I will have to read the manual! LOL