Sunday, July 31, 2005

Favorite Music

While making my first attempt to join this century by becoming one of probably only a few grandmothers who have ventured into cyberspace blogging, I was forced to think about my favorite music by that innoculous little box on my profile site. I find it very difficult to define my tastes in music for they range from classical to Santana; haunting Celtic melodies to hillbilly twangs; and from testimony building inspirational songs to those undefinable preformers described as alternative. I suppose that if there were a CD entitled " The Mormon Tabernacle Choir featuring Enya and accompanied by Uncle Jim-Bob's Cajun Band on Temple Square, singing songs from a Green Day in the Appalachians" I would be on the waiting list to buy it!
My children, however, don't appreciate my musical tastes. If I excitedly coax them into the 'blue room' to listen to a selection that I am particularly fond of-- I get a "that's nice mom" cast over their shoulder as they escape out the door.