Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 15th walk

This is looking up into one of the huge pine trees, This one is so full of pine needles that it blocks out the sun, several birds flew out so they probably have nests in there.

A neigbors poppies

The view of the park from my house

In my own yard looking up and out.

Good Morning, I spent all my free time this am planning my walks, looking up parks etc. I made a list of about 23 places that aren't too far away to go walking at each day. I printed them up and cut them apart and put them in a jar to draw from. I then promptly drew the one farthest away and I don't have time for that this morning, I have to work again tonight and need to get to bed. So I ended up just going out my front door and walking in my own park. No fun wildlife, just birds but I did find 11 cents!! Anyway, here's a couple of pics of todays walk.


Aimee said...

fun mama keep it up maybe you can come here and walk a 5k with me and danelle june 5th

La Familia Aguilar said...

Did you sign up for the 5K challenge at Weight Watchers? Aimee wants us to try to run 1 mile. (I'm thinking maybe run 1K or if I'm realistic,1 block.) I love your pictures.

DS at the well said...

Danelle, Arizona (as I have said before) is not part of the national WW group, they are franchises, and they "are not participating" in the 5K promotion. Aimee, I really considered coming but as it works out that is my weekend to work. If it had been my off weekend I could have maybe worked it out to fly over, so sorry I can't come.