Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A perfect day for Susie

Saturday turned into such a beautiful and perfect day for Susie's wedding. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures and am waiting for the photographer to post pics. I forgot my camera and so Brian went home and got it but then it was up at the top of the hill and all the pictures were being taken at the bottom!!. In any case Micah's cousins Joe and Kadie were taking beautiful pictures, I can't wait to see them. Susanna was so beautiful!! She could have been a bride in a Vogue layout!! (Micah is handsome as well). I marveled that little ole me could have produced such beauty as Susie!! The bridesmaids dresses--once everyone was in them and they were together as a group--looked great. (Much better than when we were fitting them individually---at which time I had reservations about how they were going to look!) Marvin pulled it together enough to attend the wedding ceremony and walk her up the "aisle" but seriously I thought he would faint several times while we were there. He chose to go home right after the wedding and didn't go to the reception but I think we all knew that would happen. I had warned the grooms side already. Susanna's coworkers and sister Aimee and brother-in-law Del set up the reception room while everyone else was out at the wedding site for pictures and they created an amazingly beautiful room!! I know this post is premature because I don't have pictures to post but I will let you all know as soon as Kadie posts any pictures on her site. ( Susie and Micah have gone to California for their honeymoon. They are staying in Laguna Beach and are going to go to Disneyland. I expect them home tomorrow. I go back to work tonight so have had several days to debrief and recover. Holly is still staying with us until next Tuesday. Danelle and family stayed only Friday and Saturday and drove home on Sunday. Aimee flew in on Friday and went home on Monday. Scott was the only one not able to come. The weekend flew by and I really didn't get to visit much. Well I need to go for now but will check back again soon. Marilyn, I think your biggest Loser contest is great. I hope to get it together with my own family, Love you all. Deanna

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