Saturday, May 31, 2008

a couple of pictures of the Bride!

Howdy family, Here I am after a few days of debriefing and then 3 days of work. I finally just got to talk to Susie! She and Micah had a relaxing time in California. Mostly hanging out at their motel (no surprise there)! She and Micah hosted a BBQ at their new apartment last pm but I had to work so couldn't go. As it turned out the pool was closed because the management found out that they didn't have the right permits and OKs yet for the pool. (It is a brand new apartment complex and Susie and Micah are some of the very first to brave all the continued construction and move in. It is an upscale apartment complex and the common cool stuff is all done but only 2 of the many apartment buildings are completed. It is kind of like having the pool, weight room, media room, etc all to theirselves!

I am posting a couple of the pictures from the wedding photographer's blog site so be sure and visit ( When she gets the rest done, they will be posted under the "client" section on her web site and then we can sign in and see more. Through some of Kadie's (the photographer) connections Micah and Susie were chosen to be models at a Photographer workshop event. They will recieve copies of all the photos from the photo shoot in which 10 or so photographers participate. They will also get hair and makeup session and the tux rental as well. Susie doesn't have many details yet but it will be in a couple of weeks in Tucson. On Kadie's blog (I think it is the first blog in the January 2008 archive) she shows pics she took at a similar event.

I came across my grandmother's first book of memoirs "Across the Years" by Annie Theresa B. Throckmorton. I thought that I would start entering it into the computer and then post it. I can see that even typing 30 mins a day it will take a long long time to get it entered. I think I will start a new blog just for it.

I am still excited about getting to read more, but I have got to get all the wedding stuff put away somewhere and get this house cleaned up!! I was so excited pre wedding to be able to start working on it immediately but in reality, I needed a few days to recover but then I had to go back to work so nothing got done. I finally have the tablecloths in the washer right now.

Marvin is bugging me to make him a grilled tuna and cheese sandwich. so I guess I'll close for now. Love you all and remember "Love conquers all!"

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Amazed said...

I want a grilled tuna and cheese sandwich as well! Are you still taking orders?

The pictures are gorgeous! How fun!