Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Family Reunion

Hi all, sorry I took so long to post but my computer was down. My monitor had died and then I was working so I didn't get right on replacing it. Any way, I know all of you are waiting for some pictures from bearlake. I didn't take a lot but I did get some. I'm glad that Sarah was conscientious about getting photos of each person there. I look forward to her pics. It was a very nice weekend. I didn't get to go up and see my mom though because of time restraints. Danelle went though and said that grandma looks great!! As I had said I would in my previous post, I used the drive time to read (and also snuck some of the weekend to read also). I was able to read all three books in the Twilight series and I am looking forward to Breaking Dawn's release. I do have to admit that I am tired of Bella's whining and fit throwing and wonder what there is about her beside her smell that Edward fell in love with!! Anyway Here are some pics from Bear Lake. Hey Trista, comment again on this blog so I can get your address again (the worse part of a new computer is having to reload everything.) I'll write again soon, maybe even today but I need to have a break from getting this computer set up and running 4 hrs is tooooo long. Love you all

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Trista said...

Hey there! .. the books are great, Bella didn't bug me.. but Jacob oh my goodness, cant stand him! :D Technically we prob. got the same time with Danelle.. I wasn't at the reunion! :D I'm glad you got your computer all working again!