Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Vacation Day 1

I just got off of work and so am FREE until Wed. night of Next week!! I have a lot to do today to be ready to leave early tomorrow morning for Utah and the family reunion. I am just so excited to not have to work for a week!! My daughter Aimee started a blog yesterday and my daughter Monica started one last week at and of course my daughter Holly has a blog at It is fun to keep up with everyone's activities this way and get to see pictures too!!! I will be seeing all of my family Friday so I'd better get busy so I won't be late!! I can hear that Marvin got the mower running for me so the lawn awaits me!! See you soon :)

By the way, Denver sent me a link to one of Margaret's Bridesmaids photos which has photos from Margaret's wedding and a link to Margaret's Flickr account because she will eventually post photos too.

Suzie's (the bridesmaid) account is -

Margaret's flickr account is

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