Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday news

Hi, first of all Susie called and got the report of her Ultrasound which was "unremarkable" Yeah!! She will still go and see her Dr on Wednesday but it appears that there is nothing to worry about.

Second, Breaking Dawn I'm sure most of the die hard Bella Fans have finished the book by now but I don't want to spoil it for any who are still reading. I really did enjoy this series, it is fun to share the romance of love. I read several blogs that were angry or disappointed in this last book mostly because of their "gimme a break" comments on the course of events (as if reality had anything to do with this book of fiction). Considering her target audience is teen girls I vote for Stephanie Meyers choices on how this last book plays out. I mean who wants reality in a fairy tale anyway, teen girls just want swept away in the dream of happily ever after and personally life will, all too frequently, bury that dream under the weight of every daily living soon enough. So from under my own pile of ##*X I loved the few hours I got to spend in love with Bella and _______ (I won't tell whether it was Jacob or Edward).

Holly, just called and said that Jonathan recieved a job offer here in Phoenix so it looks like they will be coming in two weeks. I'm excited to have her and the kids here. Marvin really enjoys the kids too!! Now we just need to figure out how to get her down here.

Denver and Dillon spent the night last night. They like to stay and grandma's not because of grandma but because I have cable TV and high speed internet so they love to flip channels and play games. Dillon is going to be in fifth grade!! and Denver just turned 13!! Wow! Morgan will be a freshman this year! Of course all of my grandchildren are growing up too fast and for that matter all of my children too!!

Well just wanted to let you know about Susie and also Holly's news. Love you all Deanna

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Amazed said...

I'm so glad about Susie's news! What a blessing!

And that Holly is moving down! So, what happened with her husband graduating? Does he still need 3 classes?

I love keeping in touch!