Monday, February 20, 2017

Feb 17. 2017

Name today:  Impulse purchase a sofa day
I get to:  Not work and relax

The inventor of the stethoscope was born today in 1781 write a list of things the stethoscope can detect about a person and then write a story, song, poem about them.

Heart health, lung capacity, lung health, constipation, hunger, gas, sensitivity to cold metal objects, shyness, fear of Dr, pregnancy

the healthy heart it dum-dum-dums
The afib heart goes ditty-ditty-dduummmm-dum-dum-ditty
Some lungs breathe in a silent effortlessness
while others are rude and make so much noise that the heart can't be heard above the din.
some abdomens are swollen and firm and hold on the everything so tight that not even a bubble or rumble can escape
while other are sunk so deep their ribs perturb cry out in loud voices- "feed me!"
woops! is that cold? sorry let me warm that up a little
I'm just going to touch you, it won't hurt I'm just going to listen you'll be alright, breathe.
Can you hear that? Let me put these in your ears, can you hear now?   That's the sound of your new child, you are going to bring a perfect new little spirit into the world,  I know, don't cry, it is a miracle isn't it!

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