Thursday, February 23, 2017

Awe-Manac catch up.

February 19 2017
Name today:  49 years and counting!
Today I get to: go to church and make family dinner

I'm writing this several days behind so I'm just going to skip all the super creative stuff today about being the center of the Universe.  (which I need to take more seriously, I mean there are thousands of my progenitors/family and my Heavenly Father and Mother who are focused on me and hoping I can hold my universe together successfully.)  Any way, Today is the 49 anniversary of my first date with Marvin.  Who knew that date I had reluctantly accepted would turn into 49 years, 8 children, 21 grandchildren. I might be willing to give up the 49years but not my children or grandchildren or the knowledge gained in those years.---- Our Stake president spoke today at church about a topic I haven't heard from my ward pulpit in a long time.  "Preparing for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ".  His talk was more on being spiritually prepared rather than on the physical aspects. One of the ideas he gave which would make a great family home evening and focus for a year was related to the parable of the 10 virgins. He suggested getting an oil lamp, olive oil and a dropper and each time we do something to build our testimony or the kingdom of God we can put a drop of oil in the lamp.  He suggested that we could then light it and burn the lamp on Christmas.  He states they did this in his ward once and then, at the ward Christmas party, every one brought their lamps and they lined the walk to the door of the church to light the way.   The last two times I could go to church I was able to fell the Spirit.  It is so wonderful to be able to be able to be lifted and edified and not feel so empty inside.

February 20, 2017
Name today:  Monday, Monday (yikes another work week)
Today I get to:  try and sleep and then go to work (boring)
Today is Ansel Adams birthday and for the creativity assignment I was going to take a black and white photo of nature but I didn't get it done, but if I do get it done this week I'll add it to this post.  Didn't nap well but the  work night still went OK,  There were 6 admits today! Each of the 3 night nurses took one admit and one other new pt admitted earlier so the work was spread out. Luckily,  my admit was relatively easy and my new earlier guy mostly just needed disimpacted LOL (always fun to do---not). 

February 21. 2017
Name today: 47th Anniversary
Today I get to:  Sleep and work

I know I should try and think of more interesting things to do.  But if I have to work that night and worked the night before there's not much I will do except that.  I did order some green soft throws for the front room to help pull the yellow bed and chair into looking like they go with the sofa and throw pillows I bought.  I am going to change the yellow and gray patterned, coverlet I have on the end of the bed and matching bed pillows and use the solid green throw on the end to freshen up the room and pull the color from the throw pillows so it coordinate better.  I also bought a new lighter area rug  for the room but when I put it down it looked worse than the dark one already in there. I guess I'll have to keep looking.  When I get the old love seat out of the house so I can get to the bed to place the throw/blanket and change out the rug I'll take a picture and post it here but right now with the love seat still sitting in the middle of the room it's not happening. 

It is the United Nations International Mother Language Day and in honor of that I am tasked with making up a few words in the language of  "Deannese".   *Feralitis:  This is a condition you catch when you begin feeding a starving mother cat and her three kittens  Untreated it can lead to an overabundance of wild animals living in your back yard. It can only be cured with metal traps and a trip to the vet. * complusated  This happens when you FINALLY have enough of whatever it was you were fixated on acquiring in every style and color---from the Latin compulsive and satiated.    *dreamailure:  To constantly dream of things but never accomplish anything.   *Motivacation  The inspiration and motivation you acquire while on vacation that evaporate once you are back in the real world.

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