Friday, April 25, 2008

Monica came over today to help with the wedding stuff and try to keep me on track. We did get some things done but not enough. I kept leaving what I was doing to check out what she was doing!! But every little bit helps. Today is my Holly-Dolly's 25th birthday. Wow a quarter of a century old!! I can hardly believe it! I also have a terrible time believing that I have a child who is 37!! In fact it is hard to believe that I am 56 years old. Time is racing by and seems to be speeding up. I have wasted a lot of it in my life and unfortunately continue to indulge myself in nonproductive activities.

Tomorrow I will be doing a shift at an HOV unit and so will get to see the inpatient process first hand. I think that caring for the patients and the family education pieces will be mostly the same but it is all the little things, who do you call to get what. how do you know which dr. is on call. How do you get DME, meds etc. What is everything you have to do to make sure the pt is properly admitted or discharged. How does the home team like to be notified. etc. etc, etc. I also have to work Sunday, which I don't like but I have to work the schedule of the preceptor. Plus even with Sunday, my manager only has me working one other day next week so I will be only getting 24 hours next week and 28 hours this week. the following week I will be getting my 36 hours but I still do not have a schedule for beyond my orientation. I did speak to my manager again and reminded her of Susie's upcoming wedding on the 24th and told her I could only work either at the beginning of that week or maybe not at all that week, so we'll see what she comes up with. Wow then it will almost be JUNE!! "Summertime and the livin' is easy!" I still remember seeing "Porgy and Bess" on TV when I was very young and loved that song. I think it was Lena Horne who sang it. I just went on you tube and listened to the song again. It wasn't lena Horne on the version I saw but of course she may have sung it in a different one. Just watching diffent clips of the musical makes me want to see it. Maybe it will come to town sometime and I will go. I have also heard such great things about the musical "Wicked" so that would be fun to see also.

Susie was given an extracredit assignment to "earn" rice to fight world hunger by building her vocabulary. Susie, Monica and I had fun trying to figureout the meaning of the words. By looking at the prefixes and some roots in the word we were able to figure out a good percentage. It is quite addictive you can check it out at

Susie just got home from work so I had better go and get busy on the wedding stuff.

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