Friday, April 11, 2008

April 11,2008

Well, I managed to add some pictures to my blog but now I need to learn how to put them where I want them with text, rather than all at the front. This is a series of pictures of my youngest dtr who I told you had been diagnosed with ovarian CA last year. The first Pic was taken about 6 months before the cancer was found. The next is a picture of her after the surgery and just before she started chemo. She went and got her hair cut shorter, the plan was to keep going shorter over the first weeks of chemo so that by the time her hair fell out it would be less of a shock. The next picture was taken the day before her hair fell out. She had gotten her hair cut the day before and came home and was so depressed but the next day she got up and fixed her hair and when she went to the store she had a guy really check her out, and another stranger complemented her on her cute hair style so she felt much better but then the next slide shows where she went over the next week!!! The final slide is one of her three wigs, this is the brown one. the 6th pic is Micah with the brown wig. following is her long blonde wig and her short blonde wig. It took a while but she finally thought it was fun and easy since she didn't have to spend all that time fixing her hair anymore. I don't have a current picture of my BEAUTIFUL radiant golden dtr of today with her sassy curly hair but will post one soon. Maybe when she comes in tonight I can catch a shot for you.

(This was how I started this blog but after i added the pictures I added a paragraph to explain the pictures) I really did finish the flowergirl dress last night. It has been so long since I sewed and because I'm so unorganized, I couldn't find the zipper foot for my sewing machine--it was late and I was committed to finishing so I hand sewed the zipper into the dress. I am going to try and figure out how to post a picture of the dress. We are still going to do a few more things to it. The bridesmaid's dresses have a gather on the hem which then shows the netting underneath so I guess we will also gather up several areas around the hem so the flouncy undernetting will show. I love all of the blogs with so many posted pictures and I bought a new camera last year and have not taken many pictures yet or even learned how to use it. I also bought a Adobe photoshop elements 6 program (I didn't feel that I could afford Photoshop CS or that I am ready for that yet.) I have not even experimented with it yet. I have some problems with my computer, and when I load new programs or try to download, I keep getting an error message and I can't get to the program from the Icon I have to go in another way. Then when I am working or looking around in it often I will get an error message and the program just closes. It is frustrating. i upgraded my internal memory and bought an external harddrive so I thought that I would be OK but I am pretty illiterate when it comes to computers. I did just order a Scott Kelby how to manual for the Elements program which should arrive next week. I am getting excited about learning new things and taking some great pictures. My biggest problem is that all of my children are grown, and most of my grandchildren moved out of state, so I don't have the subjects available that I want to take pictures of. I really do not care enough about Susie's dog to focus on him and Susie is always busy, working, going to school and seeing Micah to do any serious picture taking. I don't have a macro lens to take pictures of flowers/bugs/water drops etc. So the camera just sits. Well I am going to try and post a picture and if I am successful, I will take a picture of the dress and post it.

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