Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday, Monday

My weekend with the new company went fine, I took patients and an admit yesterday. It was OK and it kept me busy. I know that I didn't do everything perfectly but that's what an orientation is for. When Susie got home last night she informed me that the address we had put on to the wedding invitations was wrong!! I didn't know she had already sent most of them out this weekend so I wasn't too upset and thought I could just have them reprinted but unfortunately his family mailed theirs out this weekend. Anyway It sucks because it is my fault because how the wrong address got on there was I had printed up a trial wording of an invitation several months just as samples for Susie to choose from and I didn't have the addresses right in front of me so I just guessed at the address. When we finally were doing the invitations I only remembered that I had guessed at the reception address, not the wedding address so it was the only address we changed. I am so frustrated with myself and have been beating myself up this morning. Anyway if you are planning on coming to the wedding ceremony the address is really 10600 not 10400. Susie is taking it well, I just don't know how well Micah's family is taking it as their side will have the majority who are coming and who got the wrong address.

I went and got a new tire today (to replace my blow out) and went ahead and replaced the other front tire. Sam's Club replaced the one tire per their road hazard policy so I just had to buy one tire. I then went to a couple of junk yards for a new wheel cover but neither facility carried any so I just bought a new set from Auto Zone.

All of the multitude of "ought to be doings" are calling me, so I better close for now. Hope your day is filled with joy and worthwhile projects.

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