Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I am still orienting for my new company, I had a day of orientation yesterday and another tomorrow and then I will orient on the unit this weekend. luckily I was dismissed from jury duty this week without having to go downtown so I can get all of my orientation done. I didn't have to work today and with Susie's wedding coming up so fast I should have been sewing, but instead I read a book. It was called The Twelve Little Cakes and was a memoir of Dominika Dery a young woman who grew up in Czechoslovia. Her parents were dissidents and the "party/comrads" always made her dad's life very difficult, but despite all of the difficulties because of the love and strength of her parents she still had a happy childhood.

I should really get busy but now my eyes are so blurry I can hardly read, and I even wore my glasses while I read. (Probably why everything is so blurry since I took them off!) It always takes a while for my eyes to readjust from close work/reading so I hope it clears up soon.

Holly has been reading a lot lately and posts her book reviews on Goodreads. I haven't done that yet but I am getting excited about reading again. I haven't read much the last couple of years, so I have quite number of books stacked up waiting for me to read once the wedding is over. I hope that I can keep the TV off and start doing some creative activities as well as more reading. I didn't used to have a problem with too much TV but it sure seems that it has been my veg drug of choice this last year. I didn't turn it on today however(once Marvin went into the bedroom this afternoon), so tonight I had to go online to see who was booted off of American Idol. I was surprised by the choice. I really thought it would be Jason or Brooke, I usually vote on Tuesday but I didn't yesterday because I really feel that their isn't much competition for David Cook. He seems to be in a league of his own, He really is so much more accomplished. I have to agree with Simon when a week ago, Simon said that David Cook's performance was so good "it was like coming up out of Karyoke Hell" the professional (you could have recorded this performance) was such a contrast to the arrangements that the others did. Don't get me wrong, I like David A. and Brooke but they had the same opportunity to create a polished professional arrangement and their performances did seem thinner, less filled with that "total package" that Paula refers to. Well so much for AI fluff.

I am still thinking about the book I read today and I am just blown away knowing that the author was only 29 when she published her book and it wasn't even her first!! plus she has other accomplishments. What I had at 29 was 6 kids!! I'm not complaining I would not trade my children for anything, they have brought such joy into my life. And I am not dead yet and can still set goals. I just fight with my lifelong sedentary solitary habits.

Well my eyes are less blurry so I had better do a little something and then get to bed. Since I have been working the night shift for the last 8 months it's hard to get up early in the morning for orientation. I have to leave by 710 am which isn't all that early it just seems like it when you can't get to sleep at night cause your used to staying up. I will be working day shifts this week end and next week so I'll have to leave the house around 6 am to get to the unit where I am orienting. The only positive is that I will be traveling against the rush hour traffic to get there.

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