Tuesday, April 15, 2008

April 15, 2008

Wow tax day and I acually did my taxes two weeks ago. I am sure glad that I did since I am working all days this week. 2nd day of orientation went well and I talked with Barbara briefly about my schedule which she is still "tweaking" because two of the shifts that she had available were on the same night so she is trying to get some one else to switch so that she will have two days for me.

I just watched American Idol and still really like David Cook. I'm sorry to say that I am pretty bored with Brooke. It seems she just has one niche and while I do like her sound, It just doesn't have much variety. In fact, I'm pretty bored with everyone except David Cook. I will admit after moaning for weeks about why Kristy Lee Cook wasn't eliminated, she has surprised me the last two weeks and has shown the most improvement.

Susie is writing a paper and so I'm going to free up the computer for her so good night and sweet dreams to all my family.

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