Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Birthday USA

I know I haven't blogged in a long time so I apologize, I just got home from work and of course sat down at the computer with my breakfast (raisin bread and milk) and after purusing the days news etc on yahoo home page---here I am.

I am off work until next Wednesday night then I work 6 of the following 7 days (my choice) so I can go on vacation the following Wednesday. I will be driving up to Idaho to visit my mom and should get there on Thursday the 16th. I will stay there until the next Tuesday when we will drive to Nampa/Boise and visit his brother for the evening and then fly out Wednesday am to Seattle to visit with Scott and Kim for a few days. We will fly back to Boise on Monday am and start for home and then back to work on Wednesday the 29th. I am ready for a vacation as I am sure you all are too.

I colored my hair back to brown. Orginally, I was shocked by my blond hair when Susie last colored it--prior to her wedding over a year ago, but afterwards I was worried that by going back to brown I would be losing some of the "lightness" in my countenance but I really like it, and like one of my children said "there's my mama" I thought "there's Deanna!" I tried to take a picture of my hair but the pic at the beginning is about all I can get in, cause my arm is too short to get any farther back and I don't know how to set the timer LOL

This picture really shows how red my face is because of the rosacea! I didn't try to warm the picture up like I did with the first one.

I just took almost all of the color out of this one just to get rid of the red!!but sadly it really accents my wrinkles!!

I guess I posted these pictures because I read a photo tip once which was "Mom get in the picture!" We mom's mostly don't like getting our pictures taken "too fat" "no makeup" "hair not done" etc. etc. but our kids see us everyday and they know how we look and they would like to see us in pictures sometimes so here I am--warts and all.

I still really like my new Washer and dryer. I am waiting for my new utility bills to see how it affected my gas and electric bills.

I'm hoping to go see the musical "Wicked" this week, I haven't bought a ticket yet but I plan on just driving over there one of these evenings and seeing it. They have a $25 lottery for some decent unsold seats just before showtime and failing that I'm pretty sure I can still get a balcony seat at the door.


sparkle brightly said...

Oh mom! I should make official plans with you to go see wicked.

Glad you made plans for a vacation! Give your mama a kiss for me.

Aimee said...

Welcome back to the dark side! All of us brunets are glad to have you represent us again. You look great in the pics Jessica and I have just staired at you for several minuets glad that you posted love you!