Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Random babblings

Holly and Jonathan signed the initial paperwork to buy a home today. If you go to her blog you can see some of the real estate pics--it is a large 5 bedroom home and I'm a little jealous but mostly I am just happy that they can get into this house that will serve them well. Marvin and I bought our little starter home in 1975 and 34 years later we're still here! We missed that peak of the boom when we could have made some money but now there are so many huge, beautiful homes for pennies on the dollar available I really wouldn't be able to sell. Realistically at my age I absolutely do not want more morgage payments and usually, I really don't even want to move, after all this is 'home'-- where all my children were raised. It has memories.

I have been having fun reading (and typing up) Grandma Throckmorton's journal/book.(see Across the Years on the upper right side of this blog and click on it to go to her book) I honestly have not read it for 30 years or more. She gave it to me before she died and she died in 1973, I didn't remember or perhaps didn't realize back in 1973 how bad it sounds when she talks about the black mammy or the other "negros" that lived around her. I thought about why she still referred to them as she did when she was a child even though she was a mature woman when she wrote the book. I think perhaps for a couple of reasons, one is that--in the late 19th century in the south that is just how everyone viewed and spoke about the African Americans and secondly, even though she was now more mature, she had moved to rural (completely white) Idaho as a teen, she probably never had any dealings with any black people her whole life other than when she was a child. (I know that I was 17 before a single black family moved into our town and school) and therefore had no other experiential basis to alter her childhood memories. I do not believe that Grandma was racist she spoke lovingly of her black nanny/housekeeper and never spoke degradingly of any race when I knew her. She was just the product of her time and circumstances and she writes with a child like naivety. But oh, she was a horse loving tomboy, always active and always outside, I hadn't remembered that her nick name was "Humpty Dumpty" often shorted to "Humpty" (sounds awful doesn't it) Or that one of her sisters was somewhat prettier than the other and was always stealing her older sister's boyfriends. Grandma on the other hand was too busy having fun to settle down with a boyfriend.

I think that I will be coming up to Idaho next week. I still need to check the weather, I don't want to be driving in the snow. I haven't even given my mom a heads up because I'm not postive that I am coming and because she gets so incredibly stressed out and anxious about anything that changes or disrupts her routine.

Aimee and family may be coming for Spring break (March 16th). Dennis and she are seriously considering moving back here to Phoenix and just want to check out the 'water' and see if this is really what they want to do before they list their house in TX and really commit to the move.

Well I think I'll call it a day. If any of you want scroll down to the blog below this and comment, (I won't even make you commit to doing it yourself)and I will create something for you.--Marilyn I'm pretty sure of what I am going to make you, I just have to work it out in my mind so that my creative vision will not be a creative mess! Also I went a head and put three of the pictures that his cousin took directly onto my blog so scroll on down!!


Trista said...

Are you going to come to Idaho?! I'm going through the temple on the 27th... So if you come I'd love to have you come with us to the session!

Amazed said...

you're such a doll. I can't believe all the computer problems you've been having!

Vacation and not doing FUN STUFF???? You should have come to see ME!