Friday, February 27, 2009


I took my old computer that I set up in my bedroom and had it wiped clean and reloaded to try and get rid of the software issues it had. Unfortunately that did not repair the cd/dvd drive so I bought a new one and Jonathan installed that for me--So far so good. I just need to get my disk with what I had already typed of Grandma's book and my BOM journal and load it and then I can start adding more to them. Still no news on my newer computer that I took in on the 12th because it stopped working (still under warrantee) they had to send it off for repair. They gave me a loaner computer which I have also had problems with (the sound quit working) so I was back in there getting that fixed and then had to reload everything again! Zune takes over an hour so that was the big thing.
I haven't done anything fun yet and my week is half over. I have been toying with working tonight to save 12 of my vacation hours but still haven't called in and volunteered, its hard to give up a vacation day.
Holly and Jonathan are getting excited about moving into their new house, but their closing date may not be until the end of March. The bank is pushing for a later closing date because of all the paperwork they have been swamped with since Pres. Obama's relief plan went into effect and people are swarming to the bank to buy/refinance or get help to stay out of foreclosure.
I haven't been working on my 12 step book, I stopped to wait for D and A but life keeps everyone busy and I haven't followed through with them so I picked it up yesterday and restarted. I re-read back to where I stopped and am working on the second week now.
Well, I'm going to go get ready for the day, its already practically 830 and I haven't even showered yet (yea for vacations).

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