Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am home :(

I didn't go up to Idaho, I had checked the weather forecast for Twin Falls and Salt Lake for this week last Saturday and it forecasted snow showers for 4 of the days and rain for the rest. After I told that to Marvin and thought we wouldn't go, I checked on Sunday and the forecast was changed to just rain and only one day of snow, but Marvin still wouldn't budge on the 'no-go' decision and just wants to wait until it is warmer. I am dissappointed but now thinking up alternative things to do or to just go ahead and work so I don't waste my vacation time--But,it is not easy to think about going ahead and working because I have spent two months mentally getting excited about a week off.

I got to see the house that Holly and Jonathan are in the process of buying. It is so big and roomy. It really will be a great house for a growing family. You can see pictures of it on Holly's site www.sparklebrightly.blogspot.com

So far I have just wasted this morning so I had better get up and pick something to do. Love you all. Deanna

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