Sunday, October 05, 2008

Jonathan Robert with his new toy, taken yesterday. 10/4/08

Here is Grace on 10/04/08, she is such a cutie and Oh those Eyes!!

This is Charity last month on her first day to school. 9/2/08.

Gosh! It's been a while! I'm not sure why I haven't been posting, part of it is a sense of perfectionism in that I guess I want what I write to be poetic, or moving, or at least not to waste your time. I also haven't been taking any pictures so even if I thought I should post, then I think, I don't have any pictures to post with it. So blah, blah, blah, so much for excuses.

In the last two months since I blogged, lots of things have stayed the same but of course in other ways my life has changed. First, Holly, Jonathan, Charity, Grace and Jonathan Robert have moved in with us and have brighted up our lives. We all love having them here with us. Marvin especially likes the little ones and this chance to get to bond with them. Speaking of Marvin--He quit smoking 2 months ago and just this week finally said, "It's still hard but I'm going to make it." Every other time if I checked in on how he was doing he would just moan and lament on the desire that constantly pressured him. He has used alcohol to help but he says, "now, I'm going to stop drinking. I don't know when yet, I've used the beer as a crutch while I quit smoking, but once I know I'm free of the cigarrettes, I'm going to do it. It will be easier than the cigarrettes." I was so moved by this hopeful statement. I truly hope he can be successful. My concern is that unless he replaces these habits with something, he will just slip back into them. He currently does nothing except watch tv.

I haven't changed, I still think about and plan to diet and exercise but haven't started yet. One of the speakers this morning in General Conference quoted a marathon winner as saying "the commitment to win is nothing with out the commitment to prepare" I think I keep focusing on the winning and not on the daily, hourly, moment to moment preparation needed for the goal to be realized. It makes me marvel at Marvin's will power to quit smoking, when I can't quit eating the wrong things.

Christmas is rushing towards me and I haven't done any planning, or any made any handicrafts to give away. I do like to sew, cross stich, crochet etc. and would like to give something of myself this Christmas but it won't happen if I don't get busy. I had started some "red-work" embroidered dish towels last year after visiting my brother and his wife. She is from Scandinavian descent and is deeply involved in their culture. I thought that this form of embellishing the dish towels was cute and not too time consuming, but even so, I haven't completed any yet, but have all the materials to make a set or two.

Well, I least this is a start and hope to return to posting regularly. Thanks Marilyn for the sweet reminder. Love you all.


sparkle brightly said...

Mom I am so excited to hear Dad's desire to quit drinking as well. I am so proud of him. He truly is an amazing guy! I wonder what his reason for quitting is? Is it health, spiritual, or family that makes him want to be free of addiction?

He is so sweet to my family, as we are guest in your home. He compliments me everyday and just does precious things with the kids. He is trying to help Charity learn how to read! He wants Charity to not struggle with school like he did. I feel joy to see him be a good grandpa.

I love you mom and having desire to change is a step toward improving yourself. I am reminded of a message shared in the RS conference. Beautify one thing at a time. So mom, I would say just worry about one thing at a time. You are already bettering yourself by your intense desire of change. I love you and am proud of you too.

La Familia Aguilar said...

Finally!!! I check your blog everyday and I am so glad that you decided to write. I am so happy that Dad is not smoking!!! I just started to cry when I read that he was going to try to stop drinking as well. Our little family has been praying for that for years. Sam always remembers his grandpa in his prayers!! I hope that you and Dad can come next month. I mentioned it to the kids last night and they were so excited. We miss you tons and hope to see you soon.
Lots of love,

Amazed said...

I think Marvin's progress is remarkable as well! I'll keep him in our prayers as well! That is HUGE! I remember when my parents quit smoking....we each chose something to give up as well. My kids were little...some gave up ice cream and treats for 2 weeks, I had to give up 36,000 calories or 10 pounds. Tanner had to give up Pampers and get potty-trained! And he got ENGAGED this weekend! My how time flies!