Monday, November 02, 2009

Del is head-over-heels excited about winning October's contest.

Chris James also won for his creative entry, way to go!

It's official! Del won for the best entry in the Halloween literary contest, and Chris James won the all entry drawing. Thanks for entering. It is so much fun to read your entries!!! You can read all of them by view the comments on the last post. Monica had some cute Cookie monster stories and Susie entered a cute poem too. I am thinking of a new contest, probably something related to Thanksgiving or gratitude and will let you know soon what it will be.

Here's Del's entry:

The Day of The Dead
and past Halloweens,
The best years are gone
and never more seen.

I've fond memories
of the Good Ol' Days,
Far more simple TIMEs,
free and CARELESS ways.

racing door to door.
Fill my pillow case,
always wanting more!

Witch with black nails from
CUTICLE to tip,
Dark GREEN PASTA hair,
fat mole on her lip.

HUFFALUMP, and ghost.
he scares me the most!

At home with my Queen
and three little ogres,
I fall asleep smiling
Dreaming of Harleys
and '32 roadsters.

A SMART man knows while
simple times are past,
The memories made
then will always last.

When the Day of The Dead
dawns in my hallowed den,
I may not be as
young as I was then.
Remember these words
and I'll find my Zen;

When Mister Owl speaks,
yes, the whole world stops.
"Only three LICKS kill
a Tootsie-roll Pop."


And here is Chris's

The old gray mare let out a snort,
With the echo of the rifle’s report.
The air was crisp, the night was dark,
The hunter’s aim had missed the mark.

In the woods a flash of something GREEN,
This was no place to be on Halloween.
Undaunted, the men knew this was the night
The mysterious HEFFALUMP would be alight.

The group pressed on for a while,
Like a manicurist pushes a CUTICLE file.
The Heffalump was dangerous and SMART,
But the men smelt his silent but deadly fart.

The chase was on as they galloped to the stream,
Till the horses’ started at a blood-curdling scream.
Big Bird had been CARELESS and gone on alone,
Now he lay on the ground like a big yellow stone.

His insides looked like PASTA,
And Elmo just lost it.
While Oscar drank one for him and his homie,
This is where our poem gets corny.

Bert and Ernie beat a quick retreat
Back to Sesame Street.
Only one dared remain,
COOKIE MONSTER was his name.

Cookie splashed into the stream,
Like a chocolate chip dream.
This ball of blue fury
Had a Heffalump to LICK and bury.

The Heffalump was big like a FOUR-POSTER bed,
With SKATEBOARD wheels weaved in his dreads.
Cookie charged on, till the beast did HYPERVENTILATE,
He knew this was the TIME, he must not be late.

He reached for his chips ahoy,
And smacked that macadamia nut
Upside his pistachio.

Then he followed it up with some milk in a glass,
And that’s how he kicked the Heffalump’s ____.

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