Saturday, September 12, 2009

New contest.

Sorry I have taken so long to post a new contest but here it is for your creative perusal. It is a multi-parter and I will draw for the winner(s) as I just couldn't decide last time who was the most creative because they all were!!! So let the creative juices flow!!!

1. (Monica's suggestion) Decribe yourself through the medium of alliteration.

2. Fill in the blanks "It was so_____________ that____________________!!

3. List what you believe to be the five most beautiful words in the English language.

Have fun and help your little ones have fun. Contest will end September 26th and I will draw the winner at Sunday dinner on the 27th.


DS at the well said...

1.Deanna does daily: dote on delightful daughters, distributes dollars, and devours dinners.

2.It was so gentle that an infant could play safely within its powerful open jaws!

3. Forgiveness, fruitful, fidelity, faithfilled, freedom

(I limited mine to words beginning with F because it's too hard to pick just five)

Monica said...

1. Monica makes many munchkins marvelous meals.

2. It was so hot today that my makeup slid off my face and landed in my lap with a quiet plop.

3. Love, kindness, sister, peace, and chocolate

SRBGFestival said...

1. I’m a bonafide Burley boy with brown locks blowing in the breeze, a brazen body built of bricks, and a belly for baking. I’m a bohemian brother with brains of brilliance; I belong at a bank and am too busy to breathe. I was betrothed to a beautiful bride and begot two bouncing boys. I have a boxer named buttercup that breaks boards with boundless energy. I am a bold, buff, billowy-bargain.

I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be one sentence? P.S. it may be a little exaggerated. :)

Holly Hoopes said...

1. As a teen I was known as Hot. Now I am Homely. I can be Harsh and Hasty. I do chores Haphazardly. I often Harp over undone Homework and can be heard to Hem and Haw over woes. I will Hunker down with books of Heroism while I should be Hibernating, than I'm Hazy the next day. I am often found Hoisting a kid, or two, or three, in Haste to be on time.

2. It was so silly that we laughed until we cried over our newly peed-in pants.

3. Celestial, Christmas, Serenity, Peace, Heavenly

Chris James said...

3. Liberty, symphony, embrace, revolver, and camaro.

DS at the well said...

(I'm posting Danielle's entry from her email)

So, I'm not much of a writer but this seemed like fun so here are my answers!

1) Dainty Danielle is a Darling Dutch Daughter who enjoys Dilly-Dallying with Delightful family.

2) "It was so disquieting, the sound that came out of our progeny, that we looked around in surprise wondering (as did everyone else) where that offensive noise came from."

3) Love, Serendipity, Eternity, Forever, Irresistable

That's all! Happy readings Deanna! :)

Danielle James

Susie Kaplan said...

Susie sunshine smiles, likes acting silly, she slaves over her studies while stressing about school, scans satisfying stories scrounged up from her sister, soaks in steamy showers, slightly squeamish at the sight of surgery, serves savory suppers, supervises sweet striplings while settling their screams, sleeps sweetly on her soft squishy serta with a satisfied spouse for six to seven hours!

It was so gangrenous that even the wound nurse could not disguise a face of utter repugnance at the necrotic decomposing toe.

Harmony, unity, Grace, Love, Healed.

Susie Kaplan said...

P.S. sorry about the gross sentence. I was studying wound care at the same time I wrote this LOL :)

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof said...
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Cat On A Hot Tin Roof said...

1. Del defies description, but delights in any distraction from the dreadful Dance of the Dollar to dash to his den of demons and disciplinary dereliction and disobedience to deliver his daily dose of love and Daddy-ness followed by his deluge of devotion to his demure(sometimes dyslexic) dame of his dreams who does not dissuade him from his demented desires of Deutschlandic autos dominating his driveway, all for the occasional disassociation from decadence to discover Deity in the mountains while drinking dew drops from daisies for daily bread.

2. It was so high that I recited the alphabet, figured out which areas were going to hurt the worst, thought about gathering firewood for dinner, really hoped Monica was watching......all before I hit the water.

3. Kiss, Rain, Laughter, Knowledge, Chrysanthemum

La Familia Aguilar said...

Isabelle is incredible. The intensity of Isabelle’s intelligence is intimidating. Ironically, Isabelle is often illogical and intimate with her intriguing inner circle which includes her inspiring in-mates (synonym for house-mates) :) who are inclined to infuriate in ioci (Latin for joke)in which case Isabelle initiates her icky, ill-humored, irritated intellect. Inspiring? Maybe. Isabelle is inclined to ice cream as well as iguanas. Isabelle is intuitive and is insightful in individual’s issues; an immersed listener, Isabelle imparts instruction- identifying with incalculable integers of people. Isabelle is incredible.

Inconceivable. :)

La Familia Aguilar said...

It was so humid during band on thursday that I could not differentiate between my actual sweat and the dew of the air.

true story. :)

La Familia Aguilar said...

This is kinda sad for me because I could never pick just five and my favoriate word is in spanish-Esparanza. It means hope. No worries though,here are some words I do like:

like (only because it accounts for such a large portion of my vocabulary)





La Familia Aguilar said...

1. Gabi is gleeful,grateful and sometimes graceful. She's a good-hearted girl who can be girly, but never in a very gushy way. She has great grades and thinks green is the grandest color.

2. The joke was so incredibly, indescribably halarious, that even the sun seemed to be laughing out loud.

3. love, redeemer, peace, joy, and yellow

La Familia Aguilar said...
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