Saturday, August 01, 2009

End of the contest and some pictures from trip.

Here's a picture of Alex, isn't she turning into a beautiful young woman!!

Her body is changing as she blossoms into a stinky preteen LOL :)

She had alot of fun taking pictures, but I think she makes the best picture.

On our way to Mount Rainer we found this fun HOBO INN made out of old train cars. Alex took this picture and it is one of my favorites

The next day we went into Seattle to the Pike Marketplace here's a picture of one of the many many wares available there

There were lots of fish and shellfish

There was a giant brass piggy bank--

And several street performers, The guy down at the end of the sidewalk, played his guitar behind his head and while he was hula-hooping

Saturday Scott took Dad down to the pier to fish and crab. Unfortunately all they caught were a few undersized Crabs, but it was fun.

Thanks Scott and Kim! (FYI Josh was in Montana with his other Grandparents)

Here's my pretty MaMa. Pretty spry for an almost 79 year old!

Kim has posted more pictures of our trip to visit them on her blog so check them out at (you can click on their link in my sidebar)

Thanks everyone for your creative entries. I am having a hard time choosing the winners I am in my usual Saturday slump (I work every Friday night and then end up laying around all day Saturday) But hopefully my brain will be in tip-top condition tomorrow for the final judging and I will let you know tomorrow who is taking home the prizes..

Aguilars!!! Where are your entries??? Love you all

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Kim n Scott on the spot said...

Mom, I never got the pictures of Pike's Market or the pier. Can you please email them to me. I love the picture of Alley on the Pig. Hope to see you this summer at the family reunion.