Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fun family day

Susie and Micah got us all together today on a hiking/swimming/fishing trip up to West Clear Creek. Holly and family had not ever been there. Monica and Del and kids and Brian and I drove up there this morning and had a wonderful picnic, hike and swim. I really like to go here because its an easy hike. (No mountains to climb) plus depending on where you stop along the creek, you can swing on a rope swing out into the water, shoot through a rock slide, swim in a pond or cliff jump. The rope swing spot is so popular we don't usually stop there because of the number of people, Our favorite spot is the rock slide. We set up there for our picnic and the big kids and some of the adults made forays to the other spots. It was a nice day, sunshine interspersed with fast moving treatening clouds at times. At three o'clock a dark bank of clouds threatened so we decided to pack up and head home. Here are a few pics and hopefully a video. I didn't take many pics but Monica and Holly took many more so I hope to get their SD cards downloaded to my computer soon too.

Denver and Dillon
Monica and Grace Charity on the rock by the water slide/shoot that the kids play in---OK OK even I shot the slide. Jonathan Robert was fearless from the beginning. He'd shoot the slide run around and leap right back in until he was too cold to stay in anylonger Micah and Susie with their new dog Buddy at Sunset Point


Monica said...

Mama, thank you for the food and the ride! It was a lot of fun and we should do it again soon. The boys wanted to go again today! I hope your bug bites aren't as itchy as mine. I have two on my face several on my head and a few on my arms! Oh well, next time we need to remember to bring the bug repellant. Monica xoxo

La Familia Aguilar said...

Oh I wish we could have gone too although it looks a little cold. I'm glad Holly got to go and expierence the rock slide. Did she jump off the cliff? That would be the video I would want to see!

Anonymous said...

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