Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Cinco de Mayo and more wedding pics

Had all the kids and grandkids who live here in Phoenix over for dinner last night. I usually do Sunday dinner every other Sunday (on the Sunday I don't work) but for the last couple we have gone over to Holly's new house so Susie called me Monday and asked if we couldn't have dinner here because she felt like she hadn't been to my house in 'forever'. So we gathered to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. I made two huge pots of Pozole (way too much as it turned out) Pozole is a bland pork (or chicken) soup with hominy and then numerous dishes of add ins (onions, avacados, lime juice, chili powder, oregano, eggs, tortillas, cilantro etc.) are placed on the table so each person can create their own spicy luscious bowl of soup. I also served cucumbers, mangos, and jicama spritzed with lime juice and chili salt, and an orange-mango juice drink and for dessert we had strawberry shortcake with whipped cream. I had found some really fun dishes last Saturday and then bought some more colorful bowls and placemates so it all looked fun. I downloaded some upbeat mariachi music to add to the ambience. Marvin complained but he was overruled so it played on during dinner.

After dinner, the men watched sports and talked, Allen plays fantasy sports and Micah joined into his group so he was busy creating his team etc. The women went into the front room to talk and Susie couldn't wait to play with the new organ and create a masterpiece. Morgan joined in and the two of them created some interesting music together!

I watched some of Dancing With The Stars and couldn't believe that they voted little Kim off, she is SOOOOOO much better at dancing than Ty but of course Ty does have a very likable charm but he is just so stiff just not fluid at all.

For you DWTS fans did you know that Derek Hough and Mark Ballas have a band and they released an album in March? I didn't so I guess I really wasn't much of a fan but anyway it is the Ballas Hough Band (BHB). Interesting trivia I also found out was that Derek and Julianne went to London when Derek was 13 and Julianne was 10 to train and live with Mark's parents Corky and Shirley Ballas. They lived with them for a number of years training and going to an academy for the arts I suppose like Julliard here in the USA.

Allen spent the night as he needs a ride to do some errands, his car still won't pass emissions, he needs to fix another part, but he has been layed off for about a month and had only worked part time the months before so he's pretty strapped! He is going all "Joachim Phoenix" on me and has grown this full beard. Its the rough scruffy neck hair that looks so bad to me, I don't know if I've convinced him to at least shave the neck yet. It makes him look so much older (and not better in my opinion) Here's a picture from a week ago.

Susie got some more of her wedding pictures so thought I would post a couple more in honor of her upcoming 1 year anniversery. I've tried twice to add more pics than these but it failed both times so I will just publish these at this time.


La Familia Aguilar said...

Hey mama the dishes are fun. I'm sad that we couldn't be there. Vicente says that Ty is still in because all the people in the midwest watch the show and they all know who he is. Plus he is just so nice. I agree Allen's beard looks TERRIBLE. He is not a hottie anymore. Te amo mucho.

Monica said...

Mom, Dinner was so delicious thanks for making it for us! I loved the table settings it was very fun. Love Monica xoxo