Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Key

A couple of years ago I wrote two poems for Christmas so I thought that I would share them with you. The first one I'm posting is called The Key. So here it is.

The Key
Once upon a darkened night
all men slept unaware
that into their lives a glorious light
would this very eve appear

The sheep outside the city grazed
upon the thin sparse grass
as shepherds’ drowsy eyes far gazed
into starry skies of glass

When suddenly a sound was heard
and breath was held with joy
as angel voices spread the word
Of Mary’s little boy

Hark! The melody rang out
in tones of cheer sublime
Listen to the trumpets’ shout
echoing through all time

Nature paused and bowed her head
honoring Salvation’s birth
and cries of hope from all her dead
burst forth throughout the earth

Hosanna! sang each fettered heart
the chains of sin’s dark grasp
soon would fall and all step forth
the Key had come at last

His kingdom he has come to claim
Stem of Jesse’s rod
blessed be His holy name
Christ Jesus, Son of God
The second is a little longer and I titled it:
From Whence Came That Sound?

From whence came that sound? He drowsily asked
As he was roused from his midnight sleep.
Was it the cows? Or a lonesome howl?
Or the bleating of restless sheep?

From whence came the sound that awakened me?
His patience was wearing thin
Don’t they know that I have to work?
He yawned, as he scratched his chin

He rose from his bed and rubbing his eyes
He wearily got to his feet
From whence came that sound? He questioned again
But even the dog was asleep

Some sound has disturbed my brief, lowly rest
And drawn me out of my bed
From whence came that sound? He asked himself
scratching his tossled haired head

Shuffling to the window he searched for the source
And surveyed the darkened site
A hush of almost perceptible weight lay heavy
In the pastoral night

The fields lay barren, and stillness prevailed
Thus proffering no clues at all
The trees shivered soundlessly in the pale moon light
Their shadows cast puzzlingly tall

It was only a dream, he consoled himself
And thinking of his day ahead
He wearily stretched and quickly
returned to his warm and comfortable bed

But the inquisitive mind of this humble man
Would not afford him his rest
From whence came that sound? He mused o’er and o’er
The answer his only quest

From whence came that sound? He spoke aloud
But his voice now seemed out of place
Somehow where familiar clamor once reigned
A peace permeated it space

He opened his eyes and in amazement beheld
The shadows were fleeting and stray
I’ve forfeited my rest in the answerless quest
For this light surely heralds the day

Slowly he rose and dressed for his work
And falteringly stepped out the door
Wearily he knelt for the tools of his trade
And when he arose from the floor--

His eyes caught a glimpse of the heavens above
And a glorious scene he beheld
A concourse of angels radiating splendor and light
Streamed out through the thin parted veil

He sank to his knees and trembling in fright
The sound came afresh to his mind
Fear not! Declared the voice of pure peace
Its tone so piercing yet kind

Good News! For this night is the promise fulfilled
The Messiah has come to the earth
The handmaiden of God has just travailed
And the Son has been given birth

Angels and nature united and sang
In harmony sweetly sublime
Hosannas to the most high God
Resounded in each vale and clime

Tears streaked the face of the simple man
As he sat in wonder, awed
To hear the sound of joy proclaim
The birth of Christ his God


sparkle brightly said...

I love LOVE these poems. I love the line in the Key "nature paused and bowed her head honoring salvation's birth" a very powerful line!! and I really love "When suddenly a sound was heard and breath was held with joy, as angel voices spread the word Of Mary’s little boy" This is how I imagine the reaction of those hearing the new of Christ birth. A breath held in with joy!!! Amazing! I love every word of this poem! I think you should get this published! Seriously! The other poem From whince came that sound is fantasic too!

Amazed said...

Awesome! You really did a beautiful job! Have I read these before from you? Why not?